I have to tell you why I have chosen to this type of work. 
To me it is not work; it is my life

I first began to make my things for myself because I could 
not afford to buy the things I wanted.
I bought  old items at flea markets and refurbished them by hand. 
I worked on them until I was completely happy 
with the finished product.
I did'nt have any formal training or education
in my craft.
I worked strictly from my imagination,
from my inner visions, and desires, until I was 
able to reproduce the object that I had visualized. 

I spent countless hours observing the world around me; I often 
sat up the entire night, reading and studying; only then, with my
inspiration and knowledge, did I attempt to create; I made, 
destroyed, and remade . . . over and over.

One part of my work is inspired by the Native American culture. 
I study the ancient techniques of their craft, but I do not copy their creations; I make reproductions.
I create my pieces by immersing myself in the symbols and the meanings of their culture.

I have fulfilled my childhood dreams ; dreams of feathers; dreams touched with romanticism, and idealism. Please do not ask me why, where, or how I came by these feelings or if I think was an Indian in an earlier life...

Because I focus my complete attention on everything I do, and will not attempt anything without a complete understanding, I decided, in the Autumn of 1991, to travel to the United States , to the Navajo reservation, in Arizona. It was there that I met a family. By chance or destiny, we quickly developed a deep appreciation and affection for each other; our relationship, which reaches across very different cultures, has not been without pain, but it has given me an inner strength, and has enriched my life.

I do not make things strictly for their beauty, and I never make two items that are the same. All of my pieces are unique. They come from my search for pleasure, precision, and harmony. I hope the things i create will last for a very long time, carrying their story with them. .

"Je souhaite que les choses que je cree puissent durer et qu'elles transmettent une histoire...".